Why smaller is better?

Sabrina Prioletta July 9, 2015

Consumer behaviour – changed forever. Google calls these new bite-size interactions “micro-moments”. You may call them teasers.

Marketers call them opportunities to change the way audiences are engaged. The shift from desktop to mobile has transformed everything – we are living through a dramatic change in the way people consume media. From the way we shop (OmniChannels), to the way we eat (InstaYummy), to the way we wait in line (CandyCrushing).

The chance to grasp their attention is as brief as ever.
Keeping their attention? Your brand better deliver on that specific intent of the moment, otherwise you are a click away from becoming – browsing history. So how do brands tell their stories, if the opportunity is so brief? How do they please, when the expectations are so high? How do they satisfy, when the want is insatiable?

They adapt. And re-tell their stories in digestible, fragmented parts. They remain true to their core purpose. Maybe, even truer than before.

Because in these paper-thin slices of life, if the emotion isn’t high, if the why isn’t strong enough, if the words aren’t shocking … well, you might as well make origami.

Because it is quality over quantity – personalization over mass – decisiveness over contemplation.

The moment is brief, bold, and vulnerable. And it is now.