Trick or Treat: What’s under your Magician’s Hat?

Sabrina Prioletta October 30, 2017

Halloween. The one special day where you can be anything you want!
You have the ability to transform into your envisioned self.
Your alter ego.
It is that one day that society at large releases to conformity and allows metamorphosis to set in. On this day, you can see the world through different lenses – and have the world perceive you as you desire.

Do you want to create a new vision of the world?
Are you known amongst your peers for your ability to manifest ideas to reality?
Do you have high tolerance for ambiguity?

If these questions resonate, your archetype personality might in fact be the Magician. This archetype persona has the ability to dream enormous dreams, has awe-inspiring intuition and cleverness. They are known for their mysterious powers of perception and weave through the multiple dimensions of life with charisma.

The magician lives beyond ordinary and is driven to experience a realm of miracles possible -within every decision and opportunity.

With all these magnetic qualities, it is no surprise that Magicians can sometimes act as gurus – which can lead to manipulation or trickery of others.

Boo! Don’t be scared – you may have come face-to-face with a Magician.

This archetype not only is present within individuals but many well-known brands that have fallen under the magician’s spell. To name a few Walt Disney, MAC, Merlin, TED Talk and many more! These brands allow their clients transform, as they transmute through their own product offering.

So who will you dare to be this year?

Alchemize. And you will maximize your gifts this Halloween.