The Subconscious Branding System ™

90% of brain activity never reaches consciousness

"I was motivated to be different, in part, because I was different" - Donna Brazile<

This means that purchase decisions don’t happen as rationally as we may think.

The Subconscious Branding System™ helps identify what our brand persona can do to drive better business results. The way we act & behave is driven largely by conditioning. Similarly, the way brands are perceived on the outside are also driven by their internal image.

Creating synergy between the internal identity and external positioning helps us to better articulate our brand power.

Consider that there are 6 basic human needs + 9 psychological motivations

Feeling drives behaviorFeeling drives behavior

Combined, they dictate how people feel about a brand across

3 realms
physical emotional rational

SIVA was able to efficiently define the expression of our brand, using unique tools and methodologies.  This has helped us gain reassurance in our communication and progress in our business development.

Gaspar Mésidor and Ingrid Boursiquot, Co-Founders

I worked with Sabrina on reviving my brand. I knew right away that she'd be the most perfect partner for me and how she just understood my values and core purpose, and encouraged the authenticity of Illuminanz Coaching. Genuinely perceptive, she asks the perfect questions at the right time to generate breakthroughs, which helped me get really grounded with my brand. ( …) I've recommended her to many people; she's a pro!

Nancy C. Normand, Performance Partner & Coach, MPO, Consultant, HR Specialist, Corporate Trainer

Discover how neuroscience impacts brandingDiscover how neuroscience impacts branding

Feeling drives behavior. Discover the top human needs and motivations that your brand can fuel.