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The One who gives Unconditional Love: meet the Caregiver

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“Today I shall be celebrated across the entire planet. Just like my mother, my grandmother, and several other women, that like us, have created life. WHO AM I?”

Yes, today is Mother’s Day.

That is why this month, the CAREGIVER archetype is in the spotlight. Because they have the ability to love others as only a mother could love her little ones.

The CAREGIVER loves unconditionally. This love is fierce enough to scare off the wicked, move mountains, and is worth all the sacrifices it comes with. This is love without limits.
“Am I able to take care of them? Do I make their happiness my priority at all times?” These are standard questions that a mother and a CAREGIVER asks themselves throughout the day.

Their INNOCENT heart is not yet ready to face the world alone, but they can count on the CAREGIVER. He/She will always be there for them, attentive to their every need.
His/Her love is unshakable.

“They became my world and my reason to live, such that even my own needs and desires seem to be secondary”, thinks the CAREGIVER. The devoted love.
The CAREGIVER doesn’t expect anything in return, if it doesn’t involve their happiness. To keep them safe is his/her mission, their well-being is his/her greatest feat. “I am the arms that help her get up when they fall, the Kleenex that dries their tears, the embrace that comforts them and gives them the confidence they need to succeed in life”, proclaims the CAREGIVER.

His/Her vision: we all should transmit this love. Because we all need to be there for each other. Collaboration, connection, and love are the antidotes to a sometimes bitter and individualistic world.

And so on this beautiful « unconditional » day: Happy Mother’s Day to you, dear mothers, you are the ones who fill this world with love.

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On May 9, 2018

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