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Sabrina’s high-energy, thought-provoking, content-rich keynotes are customized to ensure that you get maximum return on your keynote investment. Our 7-Step Speaking System is structured to result in alignment, engagement and sustained impact.

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- Employee retention
- Motivated teams
- Talent acquisition


- Leadership team alignment
- Sales synergy
- Communication transparency


- Memorable corporate events
- Brand awareness
- More buy-in

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Need a little energy? Power up your collective talent.Need a little energy? Power up your collective talent

Tell us about your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

I absolutely want to say how much I appreciated you.  I loved your presentation.  I know I will put these concepts to use myself.   We also got the results back from Survey Monkey - nearly 30 people responded the survey - 100% satisfaction across the board!   Again, thank-you for your conference.  You set the bar high for our next speakers!!!

Karine Bérubé, Supervisor Transformation Office Customer Experience

Sabrina P recently spoke about brand and marketing ethics to my students for their entrepreneurship course in the mechanical engineering program. Sabrina came with great examples, engaging stories, and imagery that helped make ideas more concrete. She really did her homework. Her talk provided real-world connection, specific to the industry these students are focused on, mentioning the key brands and businesses they were interested in both working for and modeling potential business ideas off of. Sabrina’s examples were easily understood and interesting, helping the students make connections between what they had learned in class and what she was teaching in her talk. Even with teaching this on Zoom, a difficult medium to ensure engagement, she was able to clearly get these important concepts across. This was demonstrated to me in my conversations with the students after Sabrina’s talk. Their responses showed understanding of how brand helped create successful business. I would highly recommend bringing Sabrina in to your institution. She is a skilled professional speaker, easy to work with and thorough in assessing the needs of the audience.

Barbara Stuhlemmer, Business Strategy and Consulting Advisor, Speaker, Author and Professor

I attended a virtual presentation that Sabrina delivered on the topic of branding power, and how to uncover your optimal branding 'archetype', so that one could target their marketing efforts more effectively. As an entrepreneur and professional speaker who is constantly looking for new and unique ways to market my services, I found Sabrina's presentation incredibly useful. She shared the importance (and process) of taking a step back, re-assessing who your target audience is, and ensuring that marketing efforts are streamlined to the target's needs -- instead of spending time, effort and money on all sorts of marketing strategies and seeing what 'sticks.' Aside from sharing some amazing insights, Sabrina's presentation was conversational, interactive, fast-paced, and even quite fun. In a time when virtual meeting 'fatigue' is setting in, the 90 minutes spent with her absolutely flew by. I got some great branding ideas that I was able to put into action immediately after her talk. Thank you for sharing your very deep expertise, Sabrina!

Suzannah Baum, Presentation Skills & Leadership Communication Expert, Speech Coach, Keynote & Conference Speaker

Thank you for your involvement in BizMtl Guest Night, our 323rd event.​ I would like to let you know that your outgoing personality combined with your enthusiasm and passion helped raise the BizMtl event to a higher level.​ Although the content was developed within a very short time frame it was very professional, up to date and resulted in engagement of the attendees.​ The subject was of your own imagination and indeed had the attention of those present. (...) Your personality, desire and dedication to make this a successful event (...) all worked together to a very positive end.

Harvey Borsuk, President and Founder

Thank you, Sabrina! I absolutely love your energy and passion. Your knowledge is evident in the way you communicate.

Anna M. Jimenez, P.A.,RENE, Realtor-Associate

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