Seduced by Bliss, Committed to Pleasure: meet the LOVER Archetype

Sabrina Prioletta February 3, 2017

As the name eludes to, this Archetype is motivated by love and intimacy, and will go to great lengths to make others feel special. The Lover’s primary motivation is to pursue happiness and pure bliss.

As in the joy of sharing a Häagen-Dazs ice cream, the happiness of offering and receiving a signature blue box from Tiffany & Co, the pleasure of slipping into something seductive from Victoria Secret, or the taste of savoring a Godiva chocolate… Indeed these brands fall under the Lover persona, and have all remained authentic and deeply rooted to their identity.

Their qualities include passion, enthusiasm and commitment. Their greatest fear is to lose the object of love. They can be passionate about people, animals, history and the environment. Anything that lacks grace or charm may be disregarded by the Lover.

The Lover is an excellent companion who shares his feelings openly, but beware of the jealousy that accompanies, as it can sometimes lead to obsession and loneliness!
This personality is convinced that love and union are the best experiences one can possibly live, and will enthusiastically search for affection at all levels.