In the early 1900’s through the study of religions, myths, and fairy tales of different cultures, Carl Jung, Swizz Psychologist and founder of Analytic Psychology discovered that the contents of individual consciousness—dreams, fantasies, wishes, impulses, and thoughts—seemed rooted in a collective consciousness. What amazed him is that this was shared by all human beings.

Today, these primitive and instinctive types have become the backbone for modern brand development.

Summed up, for Marketers and Brand Strategists it reads:  How does this brand story provide MEANING to events in my life?

As we reflect on our dominant Archetype, we become clearer about who we are, what we say, and how we act.  This helps us become more intentional about our identity.

There are 12 main Archetypes. Each one of these Archetypes represents a universally familiar character which, once matched with your brand, can then be used to build brand personality.