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We help corporations thrive by optimizing their market position with strategic brand plans.

Are blind spots getting in your way of becoming a globally recognized brand?

Is your company’s brand positioning weak versus its competition?

Do you believe the upcoming strategic plans reflect your corporate brand identity?

We offer solutions on how to scale a brand.


"If you are not a brand,
you are a commodity"

- Philip Kotler

How does your company show up?

High performing industry leaders all have a few things in common.

We call it the Brand Pillars. These pillars, when aligned, work effortlessly to drive the corporate vision forward.

Transform the way you articulate the corporate brand – and build momentum where you need it most.


Sabrina, I loved our meeting last Tuesday! Your dynamic personality is very inspiring and refreshing. Your recommendations and tools were also very useful to me. I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future. Once again, a heartfelt thanks! Looking forward to future collaborations.

Manon Fafard, Manager Organizational Learning


02 HR/Leadership Teams02 HR/Leadership Teams

We provide leaders with the language of influence to create a timeless corporate culture.

Does your corporation’s internal communication sound disjointed?

Can you improve the synergy between management, colleagues, and clients?

How would purposeful talent acquisition or retention impact your year?

We help build brand cultures that are in high demand.


The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.

Is management breeding brand ambassadors?

The ability to succeed comes from key player buy-in on how to move forward with focus and singular purpose.

A term often overused, yet misunderstood is Executive Team Alignment.The greater the responsibilities, the bigger the need to achieve one’s objectives. But how to do this, while bringing the brand to the forefront?

Transform the way teams behave–and seed success into the foundation of your company.


Sabrina is always well prepared for the task at hand and possesses excellent presentation skills. She demonstrates creativity and strives to bring innovation to her brand strategies. She was a pleasure to work with and was well-respected and thought of by the Sales team at Coty.

Laura D'Andrea, VP of Sales and Marketing

03 Business Owners03 Business Owners

We empower businesses to grow and stand out from other brands in their segment.

Does your company’s brand identity change continuously?

Are you growing faster than anticipated and need a roadmap to scale efficiently?

What do your key customers say about you?

We help entrepreneurs head in the right direction.


The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are

- Carl Jung

Do you want to stand out, be heard? Your brand identity sets you apart.

We are committed to in-depth understanding of your brand’s value system.

Using this authentic brand essence will bring you the most adapted and personalized solutions. Our approach is centered on the expression of your brand’s identity, and on what makes it unique.

Transform your potential. Because we understand that your brand, business goals, and personal dreams are interrelated.


The SIVA team lives the image of their agency: Devoted. Equipped with attentive listening, they were able to identify points and find angles and that my partner and myself would not have thought of.  In addition to our brand image, we left with memories that we will cherish, always.

Romy Manigat and Judith Leroux, Co-Founders
Mouvement Paradoxe

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