Photo of team building activity

Built to Last

Christine, our Brand Experience coordinator, is a Hero. Tatamo, our Brand Identity coordinator, is a…

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A mom hugging her child

The One who gives Unconditional Love: meet the Caregiver

“Today I shall be celebrated across the entire planet. Just like my mother, my grandmother,…

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A young woman making a face

Trick or Treat: What’s under your Magician’s Hat?

Halloween. The one special day where you can be anything you want! You have the…

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A compass GPS helping to find the right way

Archetypal branding

How a 19th century psychologist can help you leave your competition behind Before Christopher Columbus…

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Un couple s'embrasse dans la rue durant les fêtes de fin d'année

Seduced by Bliss, Committed to Pleasure: meet the LOVER Archetype

As the name eludes to, this Archetype is motivated by love and intimacy, and will…

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A man contempling

In search for FREEDOM: meet the EXPLORER Archetype

“I want to find a better way”, he said.“Maybe even a better life. No matter…

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A woman thinking about her personnality

Cross the T in Archetype: Who’s your Type?

I sat amongst colleagues several years back, and listened, with a peaked interest to the…

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