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Built to Last

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Christine, our Brand Experience coordinator, is a Hero. Tatamo, our Brand Identity coordinator, is a caregiver.

Do you know the dominant archetype of your business partners, your collaborators?

Your team is your best asset. Each employee is unique, and represents a valuable resource. Each person should be considered as much in his individuality as part of a whole.

What are you doing for them?

To better understand them?

To communicate, collaborate and exchange more effectively?

As a manager what if your role in their life was not limited to payroll, timesheets, assignment of tasks and project monitoring? Your position probably would give you more experiences, unique situations and recognized expertise. So why not take the role of the mentor, to accompany the members of your team in their journey and personal development?

Empower their potential by making them discover their talents and helping them to express their identity through the power of the Archetypes. You will understand who they are, the way they work, what they are driven by and what they enjoy in their professional experience. You will also get a better idea of their strengths, and how encourage them to improve.

After all, we are all unique and different individuals, just wanting to be heard, noticed, and understood.

For those who aspire to join your company?

How do you evaluate your candidates during the hiring process?

How do you determine the compatibility between their personality and the culture of your company?

Integrate Archetypes into your talent acquisition strategy!

Find out if the dominant Archetype of a particular candidate matches your brand’s, and / or your team. Like the affinities that form in our personal relationships, a harmony can settle – or not – between personalities, between Archetypes. Make a match, and choose the right people!

SIVA marketing supports your human resource team. We create workshops tailored to your needs and the collaborators involved. We help you build strong, radiant and inspiring teams … ready to face the market.

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On October 16, 2018

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