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Why you should work with a Brand Strategist? A Brand Strategist is a seasoned professional who has the ability to synthesize what a brand does, how it creates unique value for its niche, and why it matters. Defining a clear identity is the foundation to developing a brand that is well-positioned and articulate. This is the difference between one-off tactics that generate mediocre results, to strategic initiatives that impact KPIs positively.

If your Brand Consultant or Brand Strategist does not speak the language of business, make it your business to inquire why.

We pride ourselves in hearing our clients say “you really understand our business”. Yes, this is what we do.

Close the gap between your brand vision and operational realityClose the gap between your brand vision and operational reality

Tailored consulting and advisory is a strategic approach that solves critical business issues, regardless of the industry. Ask for our Brand Audit. It focuses on where the biggest issues lie and how to solve them.

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Of National & Global Brand Management Experience

We perform Brand Audits and in-depth analyses of your needs. Then we bridge those insights with plans that reflect your unique brand essence. Leverage your brand as a tool for developing and executing brand strategies that really stick.

Partner with partners who understand your business.

Sabrina assisted me with: creating content for my website that supported my brand identity; optimizing the presentation of my service offerings; and, creating a new tagline and brand refresh. In working with Sabrina, I felt listened to, understood, and supported. She takes the time and has the unique skills to elicit who you are, what you stand for and what you can bring to your clients. I now not only have a website, concisely worded offering and great new tagline, I also have more direction and better skills for marketing myself and my firm. I would highly recommend Sabrina for all of your branding and communications needs!

Kathryn Szymczyk, Global Business Development - Intellectual Property

From our very first meeting, I was impressed by Sabrina’s knowledge, unique methodologies, professionalism, and instinct within this domain.  She helped me not only to develop my brand and DNA, but helps me to exceed myself constantly.  I recommend SIVA without a shadow of a doubt to any professional that wants to position its brand amongst the elite of this business world.

Marc Dumaine, Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder

SIVA Marketing, in addition to having brought remarkable expertise in the management of our digital presence, also continues to support us passionately in all our projects.  It’s a real pleasure working with this team.

Christine Duhaime, Founder

Working with SIVA was an exciting opportunity to learn more about how we can better position our company. The team was professional, timely, and very communicative about project timelines, and goals.

Robert Rinaldi, President

Sabrina and her team invested their time and expertise in helping us discover our why. ​This translated into a clear and focused approach to our business development strategies and aligned our service offerings based on our archetype. ​It was inspiring and motivating.

Roee Ben-Eli, Founder

Before working with SIVA, I felt completely lost with my service offerings.  I didn’t know and wasn’t using my brand voice to its fullest potential.  With the Archetype process, I finally got clarity on who I am, what I offer, and to whom.  As a complex person, I needed Sabrina’s guidance to assess my internal and external processes and highlight my value-added. Thank-you Sabrina, your creative ideas, open mind, and structured approach has made this a wonderful adventure! I recommend SIVA to anyone who is looking to better express their voice and live their mission with passion and motivation!”

Catherine Gagnon, Health Coach

If your department or organization is not running at its optimal potential, consider how the outside market perceives you. Branding and communication (or lack thereof) is often the reason why companies struggle to attract or retain the talent, customers, or resources they want. Consider a Brand Strategy Training Course or Employer Branding Workshop to set a stronger foundation.