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Here are some global brands using the power of Archetypes:



Want to know more? What is an Archetype?



A universal character or pattern of behaviour that helps people understand themselves and the world around them. This timeless structure, discovered over 100 years ago, is being used by global brands to be seen, heard, and understood. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung is at the foundation of Archetypes, through his studies that all human behaviour is driven by a collective unconscious.
This is relevant in business because people form emotional connections with brands at a subconscious level.

And the deeper the connection, the greater their loyalty.



Through the discovery of your Archetype, a brand identity comes to life.
And this helps create a unique narrative to help tell your brand story.



Brands that use Archetypes as their foundation are believed to be able to connect faster and more deeply with consumers because the message communicated is clear and taps into the deeper ambitions and aspirations of the consumer.

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