Another year resolved … so what have you resolved to do?

Sabrina Prioletta December 27, 2016

Certain periods in the year are conducive to introspection. Knowing where we are, deciding where you want to go. The process of building, destroying and rebuilding our dreams afresh … so that they may be attained.

Our projects and aspirations are reflective of our own image. So rates of success depend strongly on how well we know ourselvesHow many of us today are actually able to describe our personality traits and driving forces?

Beware, the term “personality” is not limited only to the physical and moral traits of a person, but also to what happens under the iceberg: the non-visible.
This aspect of the personality is more difficult to identify, and is generally under-valued. Unfortunately, our generation does not take enough time to question, to be self-aware … specifically during key phases or life’s milestones.

No, we are not referring to how you introduce yourself at a networking event, nor the color of your favourite shoes, let alone your culinary tastes.
Much deeper than that: how to identify the WHY in your life?

Sit down, close your eyes …
… What are the reasons that motivate you to excel, to stay tenacious ?
… What makes you vibrate with passion, what creates that sparkle in your eye ?
… How do you differ from others?
… What is your purpose, your raison d’etre ?

So who are you?

Find answers in the Archetypes.
Your personal Archetype will certainly solve all these questions. So start this year on the right foot: identify your qualities and weaknesses, your values, and your life’s mission … inspired by your personal Archetype.

Take your destiny in hand. 2017 is here, and your dreams are waiting for you..