The 5 Senses: Why it makes sense to add some flavour your Marketing!

Sabrina Prioletta August 3, 2016

What does a blindfold, sand, and a conference room have in common with a Marketing plan?

Glad you asked.
Let’s unveil a new, yet old concept that every brand should experience before investing in their marketing strategy.

A concept that affects our subconscious as consumers, that instills emotion and prompts a response.
Count to five and think of what we all have in common!
Yes. Sight, touch, taste, smell & hearing.

Of course, we are all unique and perceive things differently – based on past experience, culture, and associations we’ve made through our lives. But think about how much further you can develop your brand identity if you only knew how to reach your consumers at their cores.

So the first step we take our clients through is understanding their own identities and how that impacts their brand.
Then, we turn up the volume (literally) add a dash of color (many) and transform this unique DNA to tangible, physical marketing tools (like business cards, websites, retail props) and communication strategies (social media, PR, content creation).

So everything is completely customized to your image. And what better way to market your business than in your authentic vision?

After all, people know when something is real.
They feel it, smell it, taste it … you get the point. And if not, even more the reason to experience The 5 Sense workshop.

You might leave not only with a marketing strategy, but with a few insights on yourself!
Ready ? Deep breath.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour ?
I can taste it already ….